Take this KitchenAid Out for a Spin on the Dance Floor



KitchenAid Custom Made Stand Mixer
Have you seen the latest by KitchenAid? They must have been reading my mind, I’ve always dreamt of a leopard skin mixer. As most of you know, I have a pair of leopard skin pants that I wear in the kitchen and I think this might be a perfect wardrobe addition. As rumor has it, the additional $1,500 you’ll pay for this wild thang will support the protection of endangered species.
Seriously KitchenAid, what were you thinking? These have to be some of the most hideous designs I’ve ever seen. Anyone who owns or covets a KitchenAid, knows that this is a serious tool that you dream of and caress at the store for years before you get up the nerve to bring one of these icons into your kitchen. KitchenAid has a rainbow of colors and metals from Sunflower Yellow to Copper. Why would anyone pay $2,000 for a basic tilt head KitchenAid mixer when you can purchase a completely respectable machine for $500 or less.
KitchenAid, I have worshipped your mixers since I was a child. I refurbished my parents 30 year old wedding gift mixer years ago and it is still mixing away to this day.

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