The Story of an Egg

The Story of an Egg

Alexis Koefoed, founder of Soul Food Farm was one of the eloquent farmers featured in this enlightening documentary produced by the Lexicon of Sustainability, discusses the following distinction in terms: “free range”, “cage free” and “pastured” chickens. It’s important to note that the proof is in the farm. Don’t believe the hype! Visit your local farm and meet the people who grow your food. When you purchase from the farm, you make a direct investment in our local sustainable food system. Make an educated decision about the food that nourishes you and your family. You’ll taste the difference.

1 thought on “The Story of an Egg”

  • Hi Perry – Love your website/blog!! And have been telling and emailing all my friends about it. After watching the video ‘The Story Of An Egg’ on your site Eric and I went on quest to find a true humane egg farm. We’ve been carefully buying ‘free range’ eggs and were so sad to see that means almost nothing. Better than being stacked 5 high in a tiny cage but still so grossly inhumane.

    So we Googled and found a wonderful farm in Aptos – Glaum Egg Ranch. And found where we can buy Glaum Egg Ranch eggs and will be buying just those eggs. Plus lobbying grocery stores that don’t carry to get them to carry them. A Whole Foods is opening in heart of Fremont in a couple months and they carry the Glaum eggs at some of their locations and will lobby to carry here if they don’t from the start.

    I emailed Glaum Egg Ranch and told them I had found them because of watching a video on ‘The Certifiable Foodie website and, as a result, will be buying only their eggs from now on. They should appreciate you!!

    Love, Wisty & Eric