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Bay Area foodies are loyal patrons of our plentiful award winning bakeries. Tartine, b Patisserie, Arizmendi, La Fournee, The Cheese Board Collective, le Marais, Noe Valley and Miette are but a handful of the talented bakers satiating our quest for the ultimate laminated dough. 

Last year, my dear friend Kailey and I made a pact to have brunch at a much touted bakery on Valencia Street in the Mission district by the name of Craftsman and Wolves. I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised when I strolled into Craftsman and Wolves like a wide eyed kid plastered to the jewel like display cases of delicately crafted patisserie (brownies, rolls and cube cakes) as well as the expertly constructed viennoiserie (croissants, brioche, morning buns and financier). 




I attempted channeling my inner parent, practicing some restraint, ordering only a few of their tempting offerings on my first visit: an architectural Chocolate Croissant Stack topped with a glossy dark chocolate mortarboard, the Rebel Within; a baked asiago, green onion and sausage dough that reveals a perfectly cooked egg with molten yolk (a baking conundrum) and a Chocolate, Marcona Almond and Caramel Brownie that made me want to smack my momma.

Rebel within


We also ordered a Valrhona Sipping Chocolate accompanied by a Violet Marshmallow (of course) served on a hand hewn wooden block with a recess that perfectly nests the robins egg blue Heath Ceramics mug and a resting place for the spoon. 

Sipping Chocolate and Almond Croissant


The Chocolate Croissant Stack was a study in CAW’s dedication to the craft of heavenly laminated dough. The layers separated like the pages of a freshly bound book. Crisp and lightly accented with dark chocolate, this pastry was a hit. The Rebel Within, may be the well educated cousin of the Scotch Egg. The Easton’s Breakfast Sausage, green onion and asiago muffin dough played big brother to that magical pastured molten egg surprise. My jaw hit the floor when I cut the Rebel in half in awe of the research required to construct this piece montee. Quite simply, the Rebel Within is the quintessential breakfast delight! The Chocolate, Marcona Almond and Caramel Brownie was one of the best brownies I’ve even tasted. Fodder for a foodie’s dream.

Rest assured there are no “Wrong Ways” at CAW, I’ve made an arduous five visits to CAW to insure that I wasn’t dreaming. I can honestly say that its consistently awe inspiring and will sooth the most savage pastry aficionado.

CAW has a long communal table as well as cozy bar seating along the brick wall, in addition to a few coveted sidewalk tables.

CAW is the creation of William Werner founder and partner, an accomplished pastry chef passioned about the research and development of products that have awed San Francisco Bay Area palates for a number of years. Mr. Werner was mentored at The French Laundry and Chez Panisse and then went on to pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton and Quince. Early in 2011, Werner founded Tell Tale Preserve Company with partners at the Whisk Group, selling his creations at city farmers markets, Four Barrel, Coffee Bar and Sightglass Coffee. In August 2011, Werner ended his partnership with the Whisk Group and ceased doing business as Tell Tale Preserve Company. In March 2012, Werner launched Outfit Generic and opened their production kitchen in the Bayview on Keith Street. Outfit Generic opened Craftsman and Wolves on Valencia Street on June 20th 2012 and have been a fixture at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays.



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Craftsman and Wolves

746 Valencia Street / San Francisco CA 94110 / 415-913-7713
Mon – Thu 7a – 7p / Fri 7a – 8p / Sat 8a – 8p / Sun 8a – 7p

SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market / Sat 8a – 2p


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