Tools of the Trade

Brooklyn Slate Company

Brooklyn Slate Company

I recently learned about kindred food passionistas; Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka’s thriving Brooklyn Slate Company. Kristy, the fourth generation of Hadeka Stone has been harvesting naturally occurring steel blue grey and brick red slate (just like the stuff used in children’s chalkboards, roofs, floors and quaint village sidewalks) from their quarries in the Slate Valley (upstate New York and Vermont) for over 100 years.

Kitchen Knives, Less Expensive Alternatives

Kitchen Knives, Less Expensive Alternatives

I’ve always coveted great kitchen knives.  All those Japanese hand forged blades with ebony handles. American bespoke blades forged from ancient storied files and antler handles. I’ve even begun collecting sharp tools wherever I travel.I have to admit, I have a bit of a cutlery […]

Schmidt Bros. Cutlery

I noticed some beautiful new cutlery in West Elm. I was pleasantly surprised to see such reasonably priced knives with Acacia Wood Handles. West Elm has a three piece set which includes an 8” Chef, 7” Serrated Bread Knife and a 4” Pairing Knife for […]

Take this KitchenAid Out for a Spin on the Dance Floor

        KitchenAid Custom Made Stand Mixer    Have you seen the latest by KitchenAid? They must have been reading my mind, I’ve always dreamt of a leopard skin mixer. As most of you know, I have a pair of leopard skin pants […]

A Cover for Every Pot

Pots and Pans   Now that you’ve learned about the sharp and pointy part of the repertoire, its was time to build upon the foundation of your new kitchen with the hot and heavy. A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without some metal cooking vessels.   […]